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 A black female owned and operated lifestyle brand. 


You are witnessing the journey of a young driven female - born and raised in England, graduated from a Fashion Designer course and ventured out to New York City to pursue the Fashion industry. 

Chai London is a celebration of culture fused with creativity fueled by the energy of NYC.

Our brand is a story of a beautiful blend of British sophistication meeting Brooklyn attitude.  


We love to connect directly with our customers by frequently having pop up events throughout our community. We give back by circulating our dollar back throughout OUR community. 


Designed With You In Mind

We maintain a focus on the modern lifestyle of our customers throughout the design process which allows us to create easy-to-wear wardrobe staples. 

Eco Conscious

We make conscious decisions when sourcing and selecting fabrics, working with fairtrade manufacturers and producing collections in small quantities to reduce fabric waste and our fashion footprint. We strive to greater ecological integrity and social justice.

Luxury Details

We meticulously hand pick all of our trimmings and fabrics. We pride ourselves in unwavered attention to detail.


We use local manufacturers and produce in small quantities. Allowing for excellent craftsmanship and a conscious carbon footprint. 


Mission Statement

To eliminate fast fashion.

To provide you with wardrobe staples which has been ethically and sustainably produced, which you will want to wear time and time again.


Good for you and the planet.